Somatics & Yoga

Relax and let go.

Replenish the body and mind

Restore ease of movement.  Restore balance to your life.

Bring your Real Bodies, Your Tired Bodies, Your Imperfect Bodies

We explore the body, breath and mind with curiosity. We move with awareness and allow the body to unfold into the shape that works for our unique bodies.  We practice breathing techniques and meditation, to help calm the nervous system and we spend some time in relaxation, allowing the integration of the practices between body and brain.

The movements can be subtle at times, the use of props is encouraged, to help us find stability and we move more slowly, with awareness, to foster neuroplasticity and so that we do not bring harm to ourselves. 

We treat the body with gentleness, and yet we become stronger and more flexible, balance increases and we find this extends to our lives off the mat, as well.  We gently challenge but never punish the body.  We grow in physical and mental fitness and we become more resilient in life.

Think of Yoga with Julie as a time for self-care.

Yes, life is busy, but life can be richer and more balanced when we give ourselves time each week to tune in to and care for ourselves.

Please click each box below to expand & find specific class details.

Movement Classes + More


Essential Somatic Movements are small, subtle movements to address chronic pain and tension in the body. These movements are accessible to most people, and assist in the release of tight muscles and postural habits. Consistent practice can help you to move better, without pain, in everyday life. Enjoy walking, dancing, gardening, golfing, adventure and independence!

Simple Somatic Movement, 3 week session, Thursdays, June 6, 13 and 20. Join this 3 week online session and discover basic somatic movements to release the reflexes that commonly cause pain and restrict mobility: Green Light (go-go), Red Light (stop) & Trauma (typically from injury or surgery). On Zoom, 6:30-7:15 p.m. $50.85 for the 3 week session (includes hst). Min. # participants required for class to run. Please use the contact page to register.

***Private classes are available by appointment here.

Pre-recorded sessions for specific issues can be purchased below:

1) A 3 class series targeting neck & shoulder discomfort. Learn how to relieve tight, sore neck & shoulder muscles by exploring the postural habits that create tension and pain. Feel better, sleep better and move better. Available now as a digital download of 3 pre-recorded sessions. $50.85 ($45 +hst) Purchase Now

2) A 2 class series targeting low backs and the go-go habit of "getting things done'". Available now as a digital download of 2 pre-recorded sessions. $33.90 ($30 +hst) Purchase now

Pop-up Classes & Workshops

IN PERSON Summer Classes!!!

1. Low Back Love Thursday, July 11, 5:30-6:30 p.m. A combination of yoga and somatic movements focussed on releasing/reducing/soothing tension or discomfort in the low back area. No experience necessary.

2. Loose & Limber Thursday, July 25, 5:30-6:30 p.m. A combination of yoga and somatic movement focussed on releasing tension in joints (think shoulders, knees, fingers, hips). No experience necessary.

3. Moving Meditation Thursday, August 8, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Do not let the word "meditation" frighten you! This is a combination of yoga and somatic movements to create deeper awareness to your movement and thought patterns. You will see, that meditation is really about awareness and does not necessarily need to be done in a formal, seated style.

$22.60 single class

Total includes hst.

4. Chair Yoga Dance!, July 15 & 29. See the Chair Yoga Dance drop-down for details.

***Outdoor classes are weather permitting.

ONLINE Summer Classes!

1. Monday Moves, July 8 & 22, 10-11 a.m. Explore yogic teachings, gentle movement, breath & meditation.

2. Early Risers Yoga, July 11 & 25, 7:15-8:15 a.m. Explore yogic teachings, movement, breath & meditation.

$22.60/class. Includes hst. On Zoom.

Please contact me with questions or to register.

Chair Yoga Dance

Chair Yoga Dance incorporates yoga postures with music and is intended for all ages and abilities.  CYD improves memory, increases joint mobility, improves coordination and balance and is super fun! Many dances are done seated but standing dances are also included as an option. A variety of music genres are used; the focus is positivity.

2 outdoor classes will be offered this summer, at my home:

Monday, July 15, 10-11 a.m.

Monday, July 29, 10-11 a.m.

$22.60 each or both for $40.68, includes hst.

To register for either class, please contact here.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an extremely helpful tool for relieving stress and cultivating clarity. This is more of a meditation as we will not be moving.  Simply lay down, get comfy, and listen. 

Yoga Nidra is offered on Zoom a few times each year. Sessions are 30-45 minutes long. Watch social media, sign up for the newsletter and check back here for more information.

Now available as a digital download to repeat multiple times:

1. Autumn Equinox Yoga Nidra $16.95 ($15 +hst)

Purchase Equinox Nidra here

2. Spring Yoga Nidra $16.95 (incl. hst)

Purchase here.


Changes happening.

Please check back.

705-927-5499 or contact me here.


Online & on-demand.

June 3, 2024

The focus is slow, mindful movement to benefit the nervous system in a positive way, as well as increasing strength, flexibility and releasing tensions from the body and mind. Breathing techniques, somatics and discussion of yogic concepts included in most classes.

We currently have 2 online class times available and 1 in-person option. For continuity, we recommend joining the whole session, but there is an option to try a single class, or you may choose to book a private yoga or somatics session:

1. Thursdays, 7:15-8:15 a.m., 60 min. June 6-27, 2024

To book a single class, please Contact

$22.60 (incl. hst)

Join the current 3 week session

$61.02 (incl. hst)

2. Mondays, 10-11:30 a.m., 90 min. June 3-24, 2024

To book a single class, please Contact

$25.99 (incl. hst)

Join the current 3 week session

$71.19 (incl. hst)

Registration is open now.

3. 45 min. Private class--Yoga or somatic classes are available, online or in person (in Omemee).

Book Your Private Online Yoga or Somatics Session

$50.85 (incl. hst)

Use the contact page to enquire.

**Watch social media for pop-up meditation and/or class sessions @serenitybyjulie on Facebook and Instagram.

 ***Classes are done through Zoom.  Can't make the live time one day or any day?  No worries!  A class recording will be emailed to you, to do at your convenience.

Min. # participants required for a class to run.

Please follow @serenitybyjulie on Facebook and Instagram for pop-up classes, updates and events.

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  • Dianne, Tillsonburg

    "I love the Chair Yoga Dance!  

  • Nancy S., Peterborough

    "Julie is someone who chases away shadows.  She draws from and integrates wisdom and teaching into our sessions and facilitates them with gentle encouragement and safety.  As someone with an anti-yoga body and some skepticism, I am always surprised by the process of yoga and its many moments that are transformational for my mental health and overall well-being."

  • Brenda, Florida

    "Oh my goodness Julie, I am loving this!  You pick the best music too!"