What is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is not a massage but a focussed pressure technique based on the premise that there are reflexes in the feet that correlate to all of the parts, organs and glands of the body.  Working these reflexes removes stress, activating a parasympathetic response in the body, enabling blockages to be released.  This allows the body to return to “homeostasis” (balance).

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Learning More About Reflexology

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology removes stress from the body, enhances circulation, and assists the body to normalize metabolism in a natural way.  A Reflexologist will treat the whole body by covering all of the reflexes in the feet but will pay extra attention to certain reflexes based on the clients’ needs.  Reflexology complements all other healing modalities and the effects of a session generally last about 5 days.  Reflexology does not require disrobing.

Who can benefit from Reflexology?

Everyone, from small children to the elderly, can benefit from a Reflexology session.  It is wonderful for people requiring a general tune-up or for those with health issues, including fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain, PMS, those undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery, and so much more!

What can I expect from a session?

Every session begins with a quick foot cleanse and examination to note any areas that may affect the session  ex.  painful bruises, corns, swelling, etc.

Once the session is in progress the client is encouraged to lay back quietly and relax, in order to gain the most benefits from the session.  If, however, the client experiences any tenderness in a reflex, they are asked to please communicate that so that pressure can be adjusted.  In most cases, tenderness in a reflex indicates that it needs further work.

To maximize relaxation, the session will conclude with a brief foot massage. 

The whole session will take approximately 60 minutes.     $75

Insurance receipts are available; please check your benefit coverage and let me know if you require one.