We are Somas, whole systems including not just the physical body, but the mental and emotional aspects too. When there is imbalance in one area, there is imbalance in the system.

At Serenity, we offer you many opportunities to relax your muscles, body and mind, replenish your entire Soma and restore balance to your nervous system, your skin and your life.

Through nervous system-based movement classes, face and body treatments we help you release tension, move better, feel better and age well.

Explore our wide variety of services, including Yoga, Somatics and Meditation classes, Facials, Body Treatments, Reflexology and Reiki, shop our online store and find your unique path to serenity, for mind and body wellness.

  • "Thank you! I feel like a million bucks!"

    Lisa C, after her anti-aging facial

  • "If I knew how to purr, I would. " 

    Betty G, after her FAZR

  • "The way you put me into that pose was way better than anyone else ever in 10 years!" 

    Danielle G, after yoga class

  • "I missed you; I missed yoga.  I could really feel the difference in my body".

    Anonymous, after a week away from yoga class