Holistic Approach to Facials

Nourish, heal, and calm your skin with our holistic approach. This means looking not just at the skin but taking a mind, body, spirit (somatic) approach to restore balance, and allow your inner beauty to shine out.  

Emphasis is placed on your unique skin, habits, goals and concerns and then protocols, products and home care routines are designed to help you achieve and maintain your skin in a state of balance.  It's about more than product application.

Most facials are 75 minutes long and include your choice of 1 targeted protocol, as listed.



(The Microbiome & Vata Facials are excluded from this special).

Online Skin Care Consultations are also available. 20 min., $15. Simply click the button below to book your Zoom session.

Please note: hst will be added to the service prices.

Ageless Facial - $100

Look your best no matter your age!

Helps to reduce appearance of fine lines, retain elasticity, plumps, and hydrates the skin while relaxing facial tension and increasing circulation to the skin.

Includes your choice of: Gua Sha Massage to lift, smooth and sculpt the face OR Eye Mask with Dermieye to hydrate, smooth lines and improve sagging.

Radiance Facial  - $100

Brightens dull, lacklustre skin to reveal a more even, glowing skin tone. It's wonderful at any time, but particularly fabulous in the fall and winter.

Includes your choice of: Gua Sha to lift & smooth OR Eye Treatment to smooth & hydrate.

Calming Facial  - $100

Ideal for sensitive skin, Rosacea, and irritated skin. Soothes, calms irritation, reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin, while encouraging a deep sense of relaxation in the body and mind.

Includes your choice of: Gua Sha to lift & smooth OR Eye Treatment to smooth & hydrate.

Vata Facial - $85

Skin balancing and soul-southing, this seasonal facial incorporates essential oils and exfoliation with the FAZR technique, for the ultimate in relaxation and hydration. This is a Fall and early winter offering, following the Ayurvedic season of Vata (dryness and overdoing) and it is perfect if you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depleted.

NEW! Microbiome Facial - $130

Rewild your skin.

Return to a natural state of healthy, glowing skin without aggressive treatments.

Using Esse products, the skin is treated to a live probiotic experience to assist in repairing skin barrier damage that results in sensitized and aged skin.   This is cutting edge technology paired with our signature holistic approach to facials to nourish and heal your aging and/or sensitive skin, rather than stripping and depleting it. Includes hand and scalp massage for total relaxation.

90 minutes

Abhyanga Scalp Massage $35

This is 30 minutes of bliss!

Oil is applied to nourish your scalp and hair while your head is massaged, melting tension away and leaving you in a state of serenity.


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