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Rewild Your Skin & Your Life Kit

Rewild Your Skin & Your Life Kit

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Our modern lifestyle may be contributing to the sensitization of skin, which translates to irritation, inflammation and early aging.  The philosophy behind Esse is that we have done this by over cleansing and stripping our skin of its friendly microbes, thus interfering with our skin microbiome and causing a myriad of issues from acne to damaged barrier function (a key function of the skin).  The good news is, we have the power to make choices to reduce that inflammation and return to calm, healthy, glowing, younger looking skin.  The Rewild Your Skin & Your Life Kit contains 4 products from the Esse sensitive skin line, PLUS free supplementary videos and suggestions that I have created (as a digital download) to help you maximize new routines for the care of your skin and the whole self. 

We begin slowly with new routines and products, adding 1 or 2 each week, so there is nothing drastic or overwhelming for your skin or your schedule.  We take our time, with a "less is more" attitude, encouraging the feeding of our skin internally and externally.       Just 30 Days to healthier, younger looking skin.  Plus a calmer Soma (whole self).

Limited Quantities! 

And, a FREE Esse Pamper Kit is included (while supplies last). 


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