The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

It has been said that the only constant in life is change.   Certainly we have all experienced drastic changes over the last 3 years and not all of it was negative.  It seems we often fear change but sometimes it’s a good thing to shake things up, try new things, to clear the clutter and make space for new adventures.  To “Rewild”.

The winds of change have been blowing strongly across my inner and outer landscape the last few years.  My physical appearance has changed, people have come and gone, the way I think and feel about things has changed, and my body is asking for a change.  It’s time to “Rewild” my life and my business.

It’s a little scary to shake things up but it’s also exhilarating!  As part of this rewilding, I am refining my services with the focus of nourishing mind/body/spirit health.   Ultimately our looks are a reflection of our overall health–not only our physical health but the entire soma; our thoughts, beliefs, experiences, patterns, emotions, and nervous system are also encompassed in the health of the soma.  To put it simply:

When we feel better we move better. When we move better we feel better.  When we feel better we look better.  When we look better we feel better.  When we feel better we move better…

Every service will have an element of soma care, whether it’s through a soma scan, a breath, a meditation or an intention; there will be some form of connection to the health of your inner & outer landscape.  And some services will be eliminated as of Thanksgiving; these include manicures and pedicures.  Some services will shift to become seasonal offerings, an exciting new microbiome skincare line, Esse, will be offered (in addition to Moor Spa), the website will be updated with an online store for easy access to classes and products, and a “30 Day Rewild your Skin and Your Life” program will be available (more details to follow in a couple of weeks).  Every service, every product will be considered from a somatic viewpoint, including face and body care, reflexology, reiki, yoga, meditation and somatic sessions (group + private & semi-private).  

This is the direction that will allow me to blend the teachings, products and services that I love while being respectful of your soma as well as my own.  These changes will allow us to practice presence, peace, nourishment, and good health together so that we can all feel better, move better and age well.

I offer the deepest gratitude and respect to each of you for your support, past, present and future. ???? And I hope to see you very soon, in the spa or the studio so we can Rewild together.


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