Routines & Vacations

Routines & Vacations

In my August video newsletter, I mentioned that we had been away on vacation and that it can be challenging to follow routines when on holiday.  Honestly, I think the lack of routine is part of the joy of vacations–no alarm clocks, deadlines, expectations–and it feels wonderful to have a break from the seemingly mundane chores and challenges of the regular work week.  A little relaxation, unwinding from the ordinary can feel pretty great.  Throw in some ocean waves, museum visits, beach combing and fresh, local seafood and you have a recipe for a fun yet restful holiday.

Waking up on vacation, knowing that you have the whole day ahead to do as you please, when you please is pretty damned freeing.  And I like freedom.  :)   The problem is that, as with all things, that freedom needs to be kept in balance with a few healthy routines.  Otherwise, healthy freedom can give way to late nights with little sleep, overindulging with food and drink, not moving the body every day and–dare I say it!--not washing your face before bed, skipping the moisturizer, not drinking enough water and forgetting to wear sunscreen.  The horror!  The next thing you know you have a dirty, burnt, flakey face, dry skin, baggy eyes, sore joints, and a pounding head.  Some vacation.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little.  Maybe.  Seriously though, routines may not be sexy but they do get and maintain results.  So, if you want to have healthy skin, body, and mind, there are some routines you won’t want to skip, even when on vacation.  Here are some of my ideas for daily routines to incorporate no matter where you are and no matter whether you are on your dream vacation or living your regular life:

 ~Start with a moment of gratitude when you open your eyes in the morning.  You have received the gift of a brand new day; not everybody does (RIP Christine).

 ~Wash your face (with a facial cleanser not body soap), morning AND night.  While you're washing, think about cleansing away the day (p.m.) and then freshening your face for the day ahead (a.m.).  Every morning you have an opportunity for a fresh start.

 ~Moisturize.  Even if you have oily skin, there are moisturizers meant for you (ex. Moor Spa’s Clarifying Cream–contact me to order).  Your skin needs moisture to stay soft and supple so it can do its job of protecting you from bacteria (yes, skin is part of the immune system; who knew?  Besides estheticians, I mean).

 ~Apply sunscreen.  Have you ever left a shirt on the clothesline for too long?  If so, you have seen the damage the sun can do:  discolouration, deterioration, aging the shirt before its time.  The sun can do the same to you.  So, while it’s important (for sleep and circadian rhythms, as well as vitamin D) to get out in the sunshine, be smart.  Wear sunscreen (contact me to order), sunglasses, and a hat, and avoid the hottest times of day, if possible.

 ~Hydrate.  While I admit that cocktails and wine taste delicious, alcohol is drying to the skin and sugar causes inflammation in the body.  Sigh.  So, make sure to sip away at water throughout the day.  And if you are enjoying a delightful celebratory beverage of the alcoholic variety, balance it with a glass of water (2 is even better).  It’s okay to “two fist” your drinks if at least one of them is water. ;)

 ~Move your body.  The idea of lying on the beach or the dock all day, book in hand, sounds very appealing and for sure, the opportunity to relax is good for us.  But not moving all day is not so good for us.  I’m not asking you to run a marathon or perform 108 sun salutations, but how about a nice stroll along the beach?  Or maybe swim a few laps, do a little Spinal Dance (join my class if you don’t know what this is), pull some weeds and play a little croquet.  It doesn’t have to be strenuous or done expertly (really Pitta people, it doesn’t!), just move your body and enjoy the fact that you can.  Motion is lotion.  Move it or lose it.  Sitting is the new smoking. You know what I’m saying.

There you have it; it’s not so hard to keep a little healthy routine in your super exciting, or totally relaxing, vacation days.  Just 6 things to do every day.  And trust me, the little things you do every day make BIG differences when it comes to your health.  Invest a little time in your health EVERY day to help avoid major COSTS to your health down the road. Today’s investment = tomorrow's freedom.

Enjoy your vacation!  And enjoy every day too.



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