It's Thanksgiving weekend, a time we typically celebrate with lots of food, family and friends (although not last year, but let's not go there).  For many of us, it's a time when we express gratitude, outwardly or inwardly, for the many graces we have in our lives:  relationships. food, water, shelter and so on.

It's fantastic that we take a couple of days to recognize these gifts that not all beings are so fortunate to have.  But as my friend Tracey (of Tracey Drake Yoga). pointed out last month, perhaps we might take a moment of gratitude every day.  It might be gratitude for a specific person, pet or event.  It might be gratitude for work, a raise, a promotion.  It might even be as simple as gratitude for waking up in the morning because not everybody does.  For the ability to take a full, deep breath; not everyone can.  For a morning walk, legs that move, or a few moments of silence.

Lately, the world seems full of anger, envy, division, and discontent.  The success or pleasure of one person is seen as taking away from the success or pleasure of another.  Why?  Is there not enough beauty, not enough blessings in the world for all?  Most of us have a lot to be thankful for; why would we begrudge others or say things to bring them down?

Perhaps if we spent a few moments every day in contemplation of the positives in our own lives, the blessings, the laughter and beauty that exists, then perhaps we would step out into the world in a different way.  Perhaps this personal "attitude of gratitude" would have a ripple effect and begin to lift others up, in our household, in our communities and beyond.

In the spirit of giving thanks, and lifting others up, I invite you to spend a few minutes in stillness and gratitude each day--just 2 minutes--for one week.  You can call it meditation, mindfulness, prayer, journaling, counting blessings, a gratitude practice--it really doesn't matter.  What matters is the intention behind it.  What matters is that we do it.

Will it change the world at large in a drastic way?  Probably not.  But will it impact your world, your perspective, your interactions with people and life?  Quite possibly.

14 minutes over 7 days.

Are you in?

with love, light, and gratitude,


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